ARMADA sanctioned e-mail and face-to-face games are a great way to stab — er, I mean meet — your fellow ARMADA members.

A total of 44 sanctioned games were completed before the 2018 resurrection of the group. Those games are not listed below. Instead, the list below includes only those run after the resurrection and which rate the association members using the new scoring and rating system.

Don't see a game forming? Contact the Grand Admiral to get up a new E-Mail/Web game or to work up a face-to-face game!

Harvard Centennial, CO 12/8/2018 TEhlke, Geesen, Kellam,
HandK, JSwift, HandM, Bettinger
Blanca Lafayette, CO 1/26/2019 Thompson, Kellam, Racz, SwiftJ, Saul,
EhlkeT, EhlkeL
Elbert WEB 3/20/2019 Kellam, Lavalette, Racz,
EhlkeT, SwiftJ, Snow, Kerstiens
Uncompahgre Centennial, CO 3/30/2019 Geesen, HandM, Racz, SwiftJ,
Lavalette, EhlkeL, 7th
Massive WEB 4/19/2019 Kirk, HandM, Kellam,
Thompson, SwiftJ, Drew, Kisley
Castle Centennial, CO 4/20/2019 Racz, HandM, Geesen,
SwiftJ, SwiftA, Thorne, 7th
La Plata WEB 8/9/2019 Unger, Dye, Kirk, Racz,
Lavalette, Thompson, EhlkeT
Lincoln Centennial, CO 5/18/2019 EhlkeT, Scucci, Geesen,
Lavalette, Unger, SalmonR, Thorne
Grays Centennial, CO 6/15/2019 Unger, Geesen, HandM,
Bhosale, Saul, SalmonR, Thorne
Antero Centennial, CO 7/27/2019 Wever, Racz, HandM,
Scucci, Thorne, Boling, EhlkeL
Evans Lafayette, CO 8/24/2019 Saul, HandJ, Racz, Scucci,
Unger, HandM, Ridlen
Longs WEB 7/29/2022 Bailey, Racz, Brace,
SalmonJ, Condrell, Lavalette, Scucci
Wilson Centennial, CO 9/21/2019 SalmonR, Scucci, Boling, Geesen
Unger, Dalsing, Thorne
Princeton Denver, CO 10/19/2019 Geesen,
Thorne, SalmonR, Racz, Scucci, HandM, SalmonJ
Yale Aurora, CO 11/16/2019 Racz, SalmonR, Boling,
SalmonJ, Thorne, Unger, Dalsing
Maroon Greenwood Village, CO 12/14/2019 HandM, Boling, Scucci,
Lavalette, SalmonJ, Thorne, Dalsing
Sneffels Greenwood Village, CO 1/25/2020 Unger,
Dalsing, Lavalette, Racz, Boling, SalmonJ, Thorne -->
Capitol Centennial, CO 5/22/2021 Dalsing, SalmonJ, Clemenger, Condrell, Racz
Thompson, Gaines
Pikes Louisville, CO 7/11/2021 Oestman, Clemenger, FayT, Condrell, Racz
Dalsing, SalmonJ
Windom Highlands Ranch, CO 8/21/2021 Condrell,
FayT, Bassett, Oestman, Nicholson, Racz, Thorne
Handies Denver, CO 9/18/2021 Racz, Boling, HandM,
Lavalette, Mitchell, Melchor, Brown
Culebra Greenwood Village, CO 10/16/2021 SalmonR, Oestman, Boling,
Bassett, SalmonJ, FayT, Racz
San Luis Denver, CO 11/13/2021 Bassett, FayT, HandM, Racz,
Hickey, Dalsing, SalmonJ
Holy Cross Denver, CO 12/4/2021 Lavalette, Gray, SalmonR, Condrell,
SalmonJ, Bailey, Boling
Grizzly Highlands Ranch, CO 1/8/2022 Bettinger, Hatch, Boling, Oestman, Condrell,
Scherpenseel, Mathiesen
Ouray Highlands Ranch, CO 1/8/2022 HandM,
Dalsing, Brown, FayT, Bassett, Racz, Condrell
Vermilion Highlands Ranch, CO 2/5/2022 Minos, Thorne, Bailey, Gray, Brace, Oestman, SalmonJ
Silverheels Highlands Ranch, CO 3/19/2022 Brace, Bettinger, HandM,
Dalsing, FayT, Scherpenseel, Gray
Rio Grande Pyramid Highlands Ranch, CO 3/19/2022 Oestman, SalmonR, Boling,
Andrew, Bassett, Bailey, Condrell
Gannett Highlands Ranch, CO 4/23/2022 SalmonJ, Hickey, Gray, Racz, Andrew,
Bassett, Scherpenseel
Grand Teton Highlands Ranch, CO 5/21/2022 HandM, Racz, Bailey, SalmonR,
Dalsing, Boling, JSalmon
Kings Highlands Ranch, CO 6/18/2022 FayT, HandM, FayL, Racz,
Wainwright, SalmonR, Oestman
North Arapaho


Highlands Ranch, CO 7/23/2022 Wainwright, Dalsing, Condrell, Thorne, Stein, Arran,
Highlands Ranch, CO 8/27/2022 Gray, Carr, Wainwright, Hild,
Boling, Condrell, Bassett
Highlands Ranch, CO 9/10/2022 FayT, Bassett, Wainwright, Hiles, Condrell,
Racz, Scherpenseel
Highlands Ranch, CO 10/15/2022 Geesen, Jackson, Bassett, FayT, Hiles, Wainwright,
Parry Highlands Ranch, CO 11/12/2022 Condrell, Wainwright, Bailey, Racz,
Thorne, Bassett, HandM
Bill Williams Highlands Ranch, CO 11/12/2022 Brace,
Ralls, Carr, Boling, Long, Bassett, Hiles
Sultan Highlands Ranch, CO 12/3/2022 Gray, Brace, Hiles, Andrew,
Carr, Lavalette, Bassett
Herard Highlands Ranch, CO 1/21/2023 Wainwright, Racz, HandM,
Andrew, Bassett, Condrell, Brace
West Buffalo Aurora, CO 2/25/2023 Weisfield, CardinA, Wainwright, Brace,
Bassett, CardinO, Bailey
Summit Highlands Ranch, CO 3/25/2023 CardinO, Hiles, Condrell, Bassett,
Bailey, Boling, Bettinger
Middle Highlands Ranch, CO 3/25/2023 Bolding,
Rhodes, Brace, Thompson, Weisfield, Jackson, CardinA