The Diplomacy Competition Manager (DCM)

The ARMADA DCM is a Microsoft Windows application used to seed and score Diplomacy tournaments. Sounds simple, doesn't it? But believe it or not, when the project first began, back in the late 1990's, there just plain didn't seem to be one of these. Anywhere. So the ARMADA's fearless leader, Manus Hand, set out to create one. With invaluable assistance from a couple of other ARMADA members, the program, then named the Diplomacy Tournament Manager (DTM), was ready in time for use during the ARMADA's first "Regatta" tournament in the year 2000.

Many (many) years later, when the said fearless leader's sad absence from Diplomacy was at least waning, he noticed that the DTM was still in use around the nation and world, with tournament directors having added external patch-software to it, to teach it new tricks (like emailing the power assignments to the players). After resolving himself to update the DTM to the 21st century so that such hacks wouldn't be necessary, he was alarmed to realize that the source code for the DTM was lost to the ages.

And thus was born the from-scratch rewrite that became the DTM's successor, the DCM. Built to be more than just a tournament-runner, the DCM has the ability to manage club rosters and games, with club membership rankings, and other cool stuff like that!

With the DCM, a tournament director can concentrate on directing the tournament, not on the mundane tasks of determining who plays who and how many points each player has earned.

DCM version 23.7.25

Download It! If you have a 64-bit Windows PC (a Mac port is not available yet), then feel free to download the latest version of the DCM. Please let me know you are using it and send me your feedback so that I can fix bugs!

Documentation Officially, there isn't much yet, but the help/ folder in the .zip file you download contains in-the-works HTML documentation.


Join this list of way-awesome users:

  • Siobhan Nolen (Whipping)
  • Craig Mayr (SkyCon)
  • Jim Yerkey (Tempest in a Teapot)
  • Matt Shields (WAC)

Before it became the DCM, it was the
Diplomacy Tournament Manager (DTM).
If you are here looking for that
(thinking it might be more stable),
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