Congratulations to Edward Hawthorne,
Champion of the 2002 ARMADA Regatta!

Regatta III followed the success of the inaugural event and Regatta II (which played host to DipCon XXXIV, the North American Championship). Additionally, the Third Regatta was the warm-up event for the 2003 World Championship, to be held at the fourth Regatta.

Rules The unique ARMADA system always puts people off until they try it and find they like it. With minor improvements as suggested by players and tournament directors who have experienced the system during the initial Regattas, the Regatta rules make for a very exciting game. With 2002 being the warm-up for the Regatta's hosting of World DipCon XIII, players put the system to the test (and a couple of the "improvements" won't be back next year)!

Results Read the official results of the third Regatta.