Y2K ARMADA Regatta Results

Below are the complete rankings from the first-ever Regatta.
Beneath the rankings, you'll find some photos from the awards ceremony.

Rank Name Points Awards
1 Edi Birsan 1498(3) El Capitan, Best England, Best Germany
2 Yarden Livnat 927(3) First Mate, Best France
3 Mike Hall 863(3) Boatswain
4 Chris Martin 826(3)  
5 Jennifer Cabbage 825(3)  
-- Dave Scully 814(2) Best Italy
6 Bob Steinke 791(3)  
7 Daniel Riley 765(3) Best Turkey, Mr. Christian
8 Robert Anderson 297(3) (second)Best England, Swiss Navy
9 Sean Roberts 195(3) Best Russia
10 Art Lee 166(3)  
11 Mark Galli 134(3) Best Austria
12 Kevin Wilkerson 133(3)  
13 Kevin Kacmarynski 132(3)  
14 Neil Riley 130(3) Captain Bligh
15 Scott Kasch 126(3)  
16 Tim Feather 125(3)  
-- Robert Andrew, Jr. 119(2)  
17 Matt Drew 89(3)  
18 Chris DeHeer 87(3)  
-- Kevin Fehlberg 72(1)  
19 Tait Szabo 62(3)  
-- Garett Reppenhagen 48(2)  
-- Mike Fal 47(2)  
20 Steve Maurich 28(3) Captain Ahab
21 Matt Shields 26(3)  
22 Larry Peery 22(3) Davy Jones
-- Lee Ferguson 13(1)  
-- Todd Ploense 12(1)  
-- Jon Rees 12(1)  
-- Matt Swiontek 12(2)  
-- Nick Curott 11(1)  
-- Joe Sinisi 11(1)  
-- Manus Hand 9(1)  
-- Andrea van Swearingen 9(1)  
-- Bryan Andrews 8(1)  
-- James Patrick 7(1)  
-- Mollie Hand 6(1)  
-- Eric Norris 5(1)  
-- Dan Rees 5(1)  
-- Arthur Samuels 5(1)  

It's all over... the planning, the preparations, the playing. And this is what it was all about: the prizes. From the usual to the unique, there were tons of great prizes up for grabs at this year's Regatta.

Man, I love those Red Lobster Cheese Rolls! Manus was kind enough to reward the organizing committe for their efforts with the gift of seafood! (from left to right: Dave Scully, Sean Roberts, Bob Steinke, Manus Hand)

Manus (Mah-Nus) Hand calculates the results!

Don't go into the light! Just some of the competitors in the Y2K ARMADA Regatta!

Neil and Daniel Riley, winner of the Captain Bligh and Mr. Christian award, are presented with a swiss army knife and a copy of "Titantic".

Gobble, Gobble! Daniel Riley wins Best Turkey!

Mike Hall accepts a copy of "War and Peace" as his reward for being the Best Russia. (But actually, Sean Roberts should have been awarded Best Russia. This was not discovered until April of 2001 when our new scoring and seeding program looked again at the results!)

Dave Scully is awarded the prize for Best Italy. Sean is awarded the prize for appearing in the most photographs.

Edi Birsan wins Best Germany.

Yarden Livnat accepts the award for Best France.

After some initial confusion, Mark Galli wins Best Austria.

Robert Anderson (on the left) wins the 2nd Best England award.

Larry Peery became a "Daydream Believer" when he won the Davy Jones Award for lowest score.

Steve Maurich wins a copy of Moby Dick for winning the Captain Ahab award for most years played without a good result.

Sean Roberts is presented with the Swiss Navy award for most points without achieving a solo victory. His prize? A copy of "How to Win Friends and Influence People." As it turns out, though, this award should have gone to Robert Anderson.

Mike Hall is presented with the Boatswain's Award for Third Place.

Yarden Livnat wins the First Mate Award for Second Place.

The big winner was Edi Birsan. He received an authentic ship's barometer, which will come in very handy in California. In addition, his name will be inscribed on the ARMADA Regatta "El Capitan" trophy, preserving his victory for all time. Congratulations, Edi!

Well, that's all from this year's Regatta. We hope you had a great time and we look forward to seeing you next year!