The Diplomacy Competition Manager (DCM)

The ARMADA DCM is a Microsoft Windows application used to seed and score Diplomacy tournaments. Sounds simple, doesn't it? But believe it or not, there just plain didn't seem to be one of these. Anywhere. So the ARMADA's fearless leader, Manus Hand, set out to create one. With invaluable assistance from a couple of other ARMADA members, the program, then named the Diplomacy Tournament Manager (DTM), was ready in time for use during the ARMADA's first "Regatta" tournament in the year 2000.

With the DCM, a tournament director can concentrate on directing the tournament, not on the mundane tasks of determining who plays who and how many points each player has earned.

DCM pre-release: version 19.10.6

Be a Tester If you're willing to go without documentation, and if you have a Windows PC (a Mac port is underway but not ready yet), then feel free to download the latest pre-release version of the DCM. Please let me know you are using it and send me your feedback!

I know I said without documentation, but the in-the-works HTML documentation files are included in a help/ folder in the zip file you can download.

Join this list of way-awesome user-testers:

  • Siobhan Nolen (Whipping)
  • Craig Mayr (SkyCon)
  • Jim Yerkey (Tempest in a Teapot)
  • Matt Shields (WAC)

Before it became the DCM, it was the
Diplomacy Tournament Manager (DTM).
If you are here looking for that
(thinking it might be more stable),
then click here.