ARMADA Resources

The ARMADA keeps a number of resources for the Diplomacy player, GameMaster, and Tournament Director. If you have more to contribute to this page, just let us know and send them along!

Diplomacy in 20 Rules Our fearless leader once wrote up a summary of the rules of The Game. If you're new, or need a refresher, or just like to read rules, here you are. We plan to add examples and images at some point, but this is meant to be a "Just the fact, ma'am" document.

The DCM Our founder Manus Hand developed the "Diplomacy Competition Manager" (DCM) software, which is used to, well, manage Diplomacy competitions. (If nothing else, it's aptly named, huh?) It is used at the ARMADA tournaments, and tournaments all around the world. Read all about it, download your own copy, and use it!.

DipTimer David Norman's application that times (in full screen and with vocal time announcements and countdowns) Diplomacy game phases. Get your version for your Windows PC.

Cheat Sheets The ARMADA's Jim Swift has created a number of printable sheets for use in teaching, learning, and in face-to-face play. Check them out:
  1. Orders In Diplomacy — A quick overview of how Diplomacy orders are written.
  2. Printable Conference Map — You can never have enough of these.
  3. Order Submission Sheet — A sheet with every location pre-written; just fill your orders in where they make sense.